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Re: Major Blow to FL Cable Company handed down tod
Got Email from Scant... He cant come on this forum..  But Google the company and search within a week and lots of media coverage is coming.  

Karma is a bitch LOL.  But at what cost.  Ive worked for six other companies from FL,TX,OH both Sat and Cable.  They all are the same but some cover it with a smile.  Granted some were slower and I had more down time to fiddle around etc.  But when it rush time, well it was do as I say and bend over or hit the road and be lucky to have a paycheck on billing.

I talk with people at Knight, its changed for the better.

Equipment are not 1500 per cable box
Modems are 500 charge backs

From what I understand Scantland showed some people what Knight payed for equipment and it caused change, dam the paper is still floading around with some supervisors as proof for a rainy day.  Also no more 100.00 charge backs "not sure if this is true"

They got rid of the most ruthless manager of all time, hired more techs so the work load is not 10 Triple plays in a day.  Hell they didnt even know about this ruling as its top secret and a death sentance to mention it around the shop.  

I forsee the company going under soon, not this year but soon.  Once this suit is ether settled "best interest for the industry" in my opinion.  The Department of Labor and IRS are going to come and fine the hell out of them.

My crystal ball predictions

1. Goes to trial

        Well three judges ruled evidence clearly shows employee status.  IRS has ruled employees for tax purposes "per other websites".  Other courts ruled Knight workers employees. 

Knight loses trial and jury awards a shit ton of damages.  DOL and IRS us that ruling to swiftly F-JK up.  The industry is floaded with cases using this one as the poster child and case law, if its not already being done now.

2. Settles "behind closed doors

        Well we know for sure its cheaper this way, no offical judgement on the record.  Knight can change a few things, bribe its workers to hush up even more.  Operate under the radar and most of all.  NO JUDGEMENT that can be used by jury or judge.  Fight the DOL and IRS and move on.

Personal Id like it to go to trial.  Media coverage would eat this up and possible expose alot.

Florida seems to have some F-ed up cases... 


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