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home fusion
 So i got into home fusion. They make it sound like the next big thing for installers and it may be in a year.  Right now there is not enough jobs so the jobs you get can be 30 or 50 miles apart. with the cantanna if the signal isnt good at first it can take time to walk around the house and if that dont work get on the roof and then if no signal you can cancel. but youve already spent an hour trying to find a signal. They pay .30 a mile of 35 miles from your base.. so if you go 45 miles you will get a whole 3 dollars. but you have to wait a month to get that 3 bucks.. the installs are 65.  a 1 room with dish pays 80 and they can route a whole lot better cause there are jobs. i wouldnt switch from anything else to do homefusion yet. wait til the work is better.. right now they hire hopeing to get techs in unestablished areas just to get them established. by the time the end of the month is here i wouldnt have made enough to cover the insurance i had to get. its better than nothing i guess but if you have work and make 8-1200+  a wk with a satellite company id stay until verizon starts running ad campaigne on t.v. goodluck  
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