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Re: The cable industry isn’t stupid, right?
I have owned cable systems for 40 years starting when I was 30 years old I have never seen a worse time,programmers are horrible,prices for everything including programming is out of sigh. More demands by programmers to add something on basic.I hope the  ala the carte bill goes through and the next president will sign it so I can drop the price of peoples cable bill.I don't care about sports,mtv and there crap,ethnic programming lots of stuff needs to alacart,  .I am ready to see this become a law where the big powerful programmers will stop demanding more channels with less programming on them.Some of those sorry folks need to go broke. Most people only watch so many channels.Let them pay for what they want. My internet useage is going up everday because they like to pick and choose with no commercials. .Anyway good luck to all you cable guys.
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