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Re: How became Directv HSP
The best bet would be to contract with directv or the HSP for work.  However be warned.  Working for the HSP is no easy thing.  They like to back charge for things a lot more than any retailer would.  You go with HSP you have to play with their rules.

It's been awhile since I have contracted with directv, but I have worked both sides.  Employee for the HSP now owned by driectv, and contracted with a company contracted to the HSP.

The only nice thing about contracting with the HSP is they will probably give you work most of the time.  I remember them always piling on work.  However I heard this has changed a bit.  No more 12 jobs a day.

otherwise if you want to become the HSP, well remember Directv only has a few companies left playing that role.  Mastec, Driectsatusa, ect.  So unless you got millions I don't think it can happen.  Then you have to garentee you can get all the work done over several states.
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