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Re: Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contracto
I have been installing cable for some of these larger companies, not to name names.  I have seen the pay cuts here and there but overall I am still happy with my work of choice.  I tried to take a break and get a regular 9 to 5 in an office but really once you have been basically working on your own in the field it is hard to go inside and sit at a desk.  Even with the pay cuts I still make VERY good money doing basic cable installs.  The job is not that hard, sure it gets hot in the middle of summer in Texas, but that is nothing an air conditioner and a jug of water cant handle.  I have a Masters degree and I still install cable because I like the work and make good money doing it.  The bottom line is business is business, we are all there to make money both the contractor and the business owner.  If they can cut out a line item that we used to get paid $5 for and we are doing this line item 100 times a week it is good business on their part to cut it out, I understand it screws us over for still having to do the work for free but I still make good money on that job by looking for other ways to get paid.  The company I am currently contracting for pays $17.50 to hang a new ariel cable, every job I go to gets a new ariel cable, this only takes me about 15 minutes on a hard job to complete it, where else can I go and make $17.50 in 15 minutes.  I average $35 to $45 an install and I get through 10 to 12 a day.  Sure it is not the money that I made when I started but the money is still pretty good.  I see people complaining about gas costs for driving all around doing the work but that is a tax write off along with all the other tax deductions I come out good so I don't know why people are crying about the personal costs, it all works out at the end of the year.  Sorry if I pushed any buttons but I have been reading all the posts and see alot of negative comments and I really don't understand.  I have taken a few guys off the streets who were holding signs and put them to work and now they own their own home paid for in full.  If someone wants to hold out for better, just remember business is business and there will always be someone who will do it for cheaper.  Expect to get paid less while the cable prices go up, and don't get mad at the cable company becuase their prices are dictated by the network contract.  You see Directv all the time losing channels becuase they don't want to pay the provider more, all this increase in price does is increase the bill to the customer.
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