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Re: Scientific Atlanta D9477
Gotcha, so what I am trying to figure out is, I can hook many devices to the asi on the D9477 and the port syncs up and I get a green link, but the "newer" devices like the D9858 won't sync no matter what I do, I know the asi data rates and packet sizes are standard, and I know the D9477 does mpeg 2.  I "believe" I have the transcoder set up to send out Mpeg 2, but it's kind of a hit or miss guessing game. 

Any gotchas to look out for?  The doc's are less than educational, and there is very little online, and it seems very few people that even know what the hell I am talking about!  Good lord it was easier to integrate IBM's SNA network over IPX ;) hahaha.. geek talk

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