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Re: Are landlines doomed?
Scottwimp...why do you think television broadcast went digital??? That was due to 9/1/01. The first responders were unable to communicate due to everyone trying to use the cell phone (analog channels) thinking they could not contact family via a landline. Most, if not all of the analog frequincies nowadays are "reserved" for first responders in case of another disaster. The best communications on 9/1/01 were used thru H.A.M. radio operators. How do I know this??? I have a friend that works Comm were they flew the President to that day. He was waiting to swith to the "old fasion" H.A.M. that day. As he said....Thank God we didn't need to. He was 6 stories deep buried in the ground and watched the President walk down the stairs "thru the backdoor"
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