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Re: Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contracto
I have been a Cable TV contractor since 1986, I have also seen the industry go up, and down. I was told once the days of 7 and 7 were over, that's .07 per ft. and 7.00 per. piece. Less than 3 years later, was making .19 per. ft. new build [ cold splicing ], avg. span 275 feet. But this down turn is different than the rest I've seen.When I started one year CVI would rebuild it's mid. west systems, next year it would be TCI doing their North East systems, and so on, you had travel, some years were better than others, the more that was going on the batter the prices. For about 7 or 8 years starting around 1994, me and many others had unprecedented age of wealth, the reason for this, was the race to upgrade systems for I-net, and phone. There were so many if not all, the major players upgrading at the same time. This means experienced people were in great demand. BUT now that it's been done it could be 15 to 20 years before systems dilapidated, to the point of requiring another rebuild or upgrade, and due to the economy, cable companies will push it as far as they can. Unless there is new technology, I fear by the time it picks up again, old cable dogs like myself may be to old, to take advantage. I,m also afraid the upgrade to 1 gig isn't going to be it, I know of systems Cal. did it with mod. swaps, using low input mods. keep the skill level lower than full on Retro. They also only release small amounts per. year, keeping demand for manpower low thus the prices remain low. I believe your best bet to wait this out is to expand your abilities, [ dig ditches, splice coaxial, swap a lasher ] whatever and get in on maintenance contract. Good luck, I hope I'm wrong. 
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