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Re: Scientific Atlanta D9477
Hey Cabledad,
Using a serial cable to can change the units into standalone mode so they don't need the dncs and they will boot on their own.  Once you have done that you can use passthrough mode, it limits the box to only 1 asi, and 1 rf (instead of 2/4) but you can send in the clear.

I would like to use the others..  Has anyone set up a set top box authorization system?  SA uses "PowerKey" but i'm sure the boxes just need an auth code from a tftp box or something.  Without any working examples or even knowing what parts it's a little tough.

So let me ask you this, are PID's just channel id's?  So if I get PIDS' inbound do I want to remap them to 104,105 etc?  I have 0 experience with digital tv.
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