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Re: They're Striking.
That is why people unionize.  Is when it comes to that point its already pretty late to change the current path.  It may take until even if theyre working they can't pay their rent.  That is when it is too late.

I am not for a union, but if you wanna do it right, you have to select a date let everyone know about it.  Unfortunately not everyone that is in any of our sub fields are on this site.  So choose a date stick with it and go for it if your dead serious.  Cablevision Techs chose a good time because instead of taking the pay decrease they walked out.  I don't know if I would have agreed with 40 when im used to 50.  Thats still a 20% decrease.

So either wait for your pay to get screwed or choose a date.  I would choose close to the end of a quarter for them.  The the month of the last quarter.  No investors like to see their stock go down.  And make it for close to 6 months out so everyone knows.

Only do this if you are serious.
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