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1/5/2012 6:51:34 PM
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Re: A HUGE win for ALL DirecTV Techs in the US!!!
Well did DirecTV buyout JP&D? That is why Wise Owl was created? If DirecTV bought out JP&D and took over their areas, depending on the contract of the buy out, DirecTV could be held responsible for JP&D's final payment to Modern Day Satellite, which they would be responsible for there subcontractors.

But either way it will come down to DirecTV's ''Business Practices". DirecTV has loss serveral lawsuits because of their "Business Practices" and a lawyer  can probably prove that DirecTV ceated a business plan to lure customers in and to "Set the Subcontracting Companies up for failure" with all these back charges (you actually read on the internet were other lawyers have proved that DirecTV has done this).

But either way, I'm glad that these actions are being taken against DirecTV!
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