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Re: A HUGE win for ALL DirecTV Techs in the US!!!
digitalphonemike & guys,First I haven't been able to find a copy of the complete order.But also....courts usually DO NOT follow the orders of other courts. If you can find similar results in other cases this is called a precedent. Demonstrate enough of them and a judge can be persuaded. There is no requirement and state laws are all different......It is because....even if you is next to impossible to find and collect money. This is why Directv uses subcontractors.They get the installation services and their customers start sending in monthly money. The guy with the tools is responsible for getting paid and or collecting from the entity he contracted with....and this is never Directv.......I just moved on. It was just too hard to get was and still is too easy to just replace techs who refuse to work without pay.Even in this economy I just won't continue to participate.Hope I am wrong,Joe
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