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1/5/2012 12:47:25 PM
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Re: A HUGE win for ALL DirecTV Techs in the US!!!
I just read the order and I must say this judge is allowing some serious shizzz to happen. We all know other companies like Multiband,Mastec and this one "DTVs" subpartner are subin it all out. This suit would get national attention if people from the other companies who were feed up on getting ripped off for years banded together. Nik Castor is handling the Multiband suit closed for optin's but didnt Multiband sub the work out? Theres a case to blow the doors off the bogus charge backs, I thougCourts generally follow other orders so this can and will open the flood gates for cases. For the past year misclassification has been a hot topic not only for lawyers but the IRS/DOL. Only those who worked for the defendants can join this suit. Directv, Inc. , JP&D Digital Satellite Systems, Inc. and Modern Day Satellite. My guess DTV with drop off and the focus will be on JP&D and its contracting company. What if Direct Tv, Mastec and all its subpartners? We all got Direct TV tech numbers under Mastec..... From my experience and reading hundreds of pissed of Mastec Subs... This would rock the eastern seaboard.... But it takes someone to start like these guys did and look what happened a good Attorney, Judge. But this case isnt getting the attention it needs in the media to let everyone know about it so they can join.Thats my two cents. Id love to see on with DTV, Mastec and all its subpartners...
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