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Re: A HUGE win for ALL DirecTV Techs in the US!!!

You are right brother!  They laughed at us at 1st, and we have been fighting for 2 years.  They are not laughing any more.  Our lawyers have been BRILLIANT, and the lead counsel is a man of honor. "Honor is gift unto itself.  It can neither be given, nor taken away" Thomas Jefferson...  Speak to him and conclude for yourself as I did.  DirecTV brought out an army of lawyers, and they threw everything they had at us; however, we have prevailed. 

The latest ruling came in on December 30, 2011.  It allows technicians from ALL over the US to join the suit.  It is historic because this is the 1st time in history that a group of satellite technicians have EVER been successful in securing such a broad order against DirecTV.  As of now- there are six of us.  The process was originally started by 2 techs in 2010.  My self and 3 others joined thereafter.  The more who join, the smaller my share of the eventual whole of any judgment.  Greed made our industry what it has become.

Over the years, I have been witness & victim to the harm caused to too many.  I have been both tech & principal contractor, but I am a field tech at the core.  Never forget where you came from, and you will always know true North.  Some will join this fight and many will not, out self preservation and even fear.  Some will choose to act in fear, yet others for truth. What action will YOU choose Joe?

Whatever the choice, I wish you well.


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