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11/30/2011 8:47:35 PM
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Re: labor practices
this country is going downhill fast. But you know the contractors brought this on themselves. Because as fuel prices have gone up and everything else we use has gone up the prices the pay for doing contract work has gone down. Im gonna guess it has gone down by 30 percent of what it payed to do the same job from ten years ago. Some of it is from techs billing for work they dont do,some of it from greedy contractors squeezing the workers. And some from the cable company wanting this work done for free or next to it. I challenge the cable company to roll a truck on a disconnect for 3 or four bucks. Get real .Without contractors the cable companies will have to get more trucks and hire inhouse techs. Techs for verizon are making big bucks I dont understand why the pay is so poor for these huge cable companies like brighthouse and comcast.
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