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Re: Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contracto
If a "slowdown comes every 7-10 years how long do they last? It has been slowly getting worse with charter since 2003. That's been 8 years ago. So, when is there not a slowdown? If it happens every 7-10 years and it has been lasting for 8 years it must always be in a slowdown.

Don't get me wrong I started contracting for charter in 1997 and until 2003 it was good. Very good. But ever since 2003 charter has been on the warpath with these paycuts every year the pay is less and less. And more and more line items that we got paid for for were now included. Ex: mounting a House box used to pay $5, then $4, then $2.50, then a house box was just included with all reconnects and upgrades. I could give 10 examples like this one.

A reconnect used to mean climbing up the pole and reconnecting the cable or at the underground pedestal $10, plus $20 for each digital box, $8 for every outlet ran, $5 if the it was a pre wire and was already there and just needed to be activated and screwed into the splitter. Wallfish was $50-$100. The last time I  sub-contracted for charter was in 2008. And I regretted it. $8 for a reconnect (must bring everything up to code and not get paid for it) $5 digital box, Addittional outlets $5.

And you don't even want to know what we got paid for Internet wehn it first came out. It was even still decent untill about 2006. Try $150 for internet including installing the Network card and the designated outlet. Not it pays beans in comparrison.
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