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Re: The Day Comcast’s Data Cap Policy Killed My In
Comcast will only let you have 1 account per address unless you have a bulk account set on a commercial plan
but you can have a apartment building but it has to be listed with the post office, as 10222 you name it road, unit 1,unit 2, ect. ect.

I have the resort with extended basic & HSI in the office, then I have the 3 play addressed to the Managers Apartment that has a separate address or else they wanted to bill me for Digital Plus for all the units and put a DCT & Modem in each unit, as of now I pay $1400.00 for Bulk extended basic and 4dn/256up HSI and if I listened to the sales rep, my monthly bill would be over $3500.00 a month for the resort
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