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Re: The Day Comcast’s Data Cap Policy Killed My In
Fiber I would be calling someone else higher in the food chain then a fat ass donut eating CSR supervisor
I have Blast and I am running at 19.7 up/4.8 dn and I have netflix on my vizio hd tv and also on my blu-ray player
I watch 8 to 10 hd movies a week and working on building a complete collection from a to z from the 60's,70's & 80's of rock, southern rock, country, everything except Motown, so far I have filled 4 2tb external hard drives from itunes (they love me  average itune $1k a month) I am doing this as a gift for my grand kids
so they can experience the era I grew up in including photos and news articles of major events (all of the NASA events from start to finish, Mercury,Apollo STS,space lab, space station), My laptop is constantly downloading something in the background 24/7 and have never had a problem with comcast
Of course I only upload small files, but I sure in the hell know that I DL over 250GB a months I would be more apt to say I do that in a week.

Maybe that has something to do with that I am in Marathon in the Florida Keys and the modem count is low compared to someplace like Miami, NYC

But I still thing it is a raw deal considering what they are charging, My triple play is $150.00 a month and I don't even have the phone connected
I use my cell for all calls

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