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Re: AT&T Ends Unlimited Broadband
As a small operator what is your take on this? Do you get charged by the circuit per month? For example my company gets charged x amount for a 1 gig circuit from 1 part of Japan to another monthly regardless if the bandwidth gets maxed out or not. More often than not it gets maxed out, I have seen the usage graphs, I think thats fair. My question is how does it work in the states? We have alot of 18-34 demographic and the internet outsells CATV 5 to 1, and I dont think thats going to change anytime soon. One thing in our favor because of our locality is the IP addresses; cant use HULU it sees a non USA ip and will not work. We have had many complaints about this and so far cant do anything about it, not that it would be in our best interest to do so anyway. Same thing goes with Netflix and the local networks ABC,NBC,FOX, etc. When it comes to watching streaming videos. We do have a govener in place for heavy downloaders but as of yet havent enforced any of that. The future may look more like someone reading your gas meter of electric meter monthly than an all you can use model we have currently.
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