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'Fake' Vehicle -- M.O. for Transporting Contraband


'Fake' Vehicle -- M.O. for Transporting Contraband?

Mississippi police stopped this 2006 Ford van covered in decal markings for competing cable companies DirecTV, Cox Communications, Dish Network, Comcast and Adelphia and found 786 pounds of cocaine. The Pearl, Miss., police believe the vehicle was a clone for several reasons. There was no license plate attached, but there was a chrome license plate bracket, which is an extra cost most companies avoid. The cable decals were of rival companies, and after a close look, it became clear they were distorted because they were enlarged. The 800 number to complain about bad driving was spelled wrong -- advice vs. advise -- and when dialed, referred calls to an adult chat line that charges $.99 per minute. (FDLE)

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