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Re: The Cable Cutting Cronicles - Week 3
Phillips; model number is too tough to seek right now, but it's 52" and supports 1080i input.

So I gather you use Vonage and Netflix streaming, what did you put together for your HDPC? Is it store-bought, like mine, or did you build it yourself, like I wanted to but wound up buying one instead because Zotac offers too good a deal? Do you laugh when your area's MSO salespeople call about an "upgrade"? Bwahahaha!

BTW, there is a pending lawsuit against Vonage for their offering a free 30 day trial but then charging those who canceled cancellation fees. They did something similar to me; I wouldn't touch their service with a 20 foot pole. Skype really is as good but since they charge for their services in advance, there are zero billing issues with them. I think the number one complaint against Vonage is their billing.

Edit: This looks like a suitable replacement for the Ipevo SO-10

Probably even better

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