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Re: The Cable Cutting Cronicles - Week 3
A 1920x1080 signal projected by an HDTV only able to produce less (regardless of what its manufacturer claims) is 720i in my book. "CBS & NBC transmit in 1080i"; as does PBS and others. But unless you paid way more for your wide-screen than I did mine (and I mean, WAY more), you're also viewing those stations in 720i. If you disagree, fine, no need to attack though. Just read through your TV's specs and then tell me I'm wrong, if you can (1920 X 540 refresh is NOT 1920x1080).

Tried Vonage, using Skype. I really know no difference between the two except cost. Either is just as good or bad as what cable offers though. Skype once sucked because it required you plug a 'Skype' phone into the USB port of your PC. Ipevo, however, built a deskset which integrated Skype's service, and it works great for me.

Note: Just noticed the Ipevo SO-10 phones weren't being made anymore. Too bad. I wonder if any other manufacturer picked up that slack.

And my comment wishing good luck to cable on their broadband service was made because, imo, that is their only service which maintains a competitive advantage for those who have a clue. Their video, phone and pay-per-view are easily trumped by others.
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