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Re: The Cable Cutting Cronicles - Week 3
Interesting thread.

I went digital about 3 months ago and must say, I couldn't be happier. Not only am I saving $75/mo, minimum, but my viewing experience is better too.

I use a Zotac Mag mini PC ($270) with a Logitech DiNova ($85) for its keyboard/mouse. My programming is brought by antennae with 23 local stations, all obviously digital, including 5 (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS) in true 720i. I use Hulu, and it's perfect for me because I've always been a DVR guy anyway --too busy to watch programs live, so Hulu's delay (with free service) works fine. I can always pay them $7 a month to upgrade and get more recent programming. As it is, it works great for me because I can, say, watch 3 consecutive 'Daily Show's uninterrupted (by commercials, as well).

I use XBMC and the Aeon Nox skin as my WIN7 interface (tried Boxee and MC --didn't like either), which is wonderful in its functionality and simplicity, and very nice on my eyes, as well. Movies are downloaded torrents (watched True grit and The Fighter the day of their release --although those were not as clear as downloads available a few weeks later). But if I ever want to go legit by actually paying for them, I've heard that Netflix streaming is wonderful.

More realistically, $100/mo saved and typically 720i video, to boot. And a local DVR with expandable 3/4 terabytes of storage. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, cable. Unlike yours, my video system is cheap, brilliantly clear, and expandable. And as far as your phone service, I'll use $3/mo Skype instead. Integrated into my Ipevo deskset, I have no idea why anyone would pay $30-50 extra for your phone service.

So that leaves your broadband pipe. Good luck with that.
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