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2/26/2011 12:27:26 AM
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Re: The Cable Cutting Cronicles - Week 3
 While this is somewhat troubling,I've seen this coming for years,cable will adapt and survive. Also right now the profit margin is greater in broadband service than video so we shall see. It may need be that the programmers and the producers et al end up taking a hit and a pay cut if they wish to survive.

 Also we are moving to a digital cable platform that will soon give the consumer the choice of going ala carte allowing them to only pay for the channels they actually watch,which frankly is as it should be. This too will hurt the programmers more than the cable companies as we will keep our profit margin the same no matter which services the cust takes.

 I think we will survive this transition though it might get hard on the programmers of crappy content,many of these channels will be gone.
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