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Re: Netflix Partner Says Comcast ‘Toll’ Threatens
I agree with you about some of the programming with OTA but don't the cable networks (MTV, BET, etc) have worse programming? There are additional OTA feeds such as Daystar, THIS and PBS feeds that have cleaner programming. I do not agree with you that cable TV is a necessity. Unfortunately, people have made cable a priority instead of a luxury. Why? Moral decay...America is addicted to filth, vulgarity and depravity.

When I did collections, I watched people paying delinquent cable bills when their power was being cut off. I've had people cuss me out because I was disconnecting a service they could not pay for. I watched a lady take her daughter's Girl Scout cookie money and try to pay me at the door! I refused the payment and disconnected the service. 

All the networks have "reality" programming where other peoples dis functional lives are thrust onto my TV (Kardashians, Ozzy, Gene Simmons, Wife Swap, etc). Discovery channel broadcast the destruction of the Gosslin family for the sake of ratings and money. Now we have a family with eight little kids who are victims of divorced parents, and because this happened in a national television series, the kids will pay a heavier price. America cannot get enough of this. Cable really is a necessity, isn't it?

I made a wonderful life for my family installing and servicing cable. I loved it, especially the interaction with the customers. But when I had to sacrifice quality for quantity and for less money, I got the hell out.

I have a 14 year old daughter and I am concerned for her mental, physical and spiritual well being. Since we dumped cable, we have had more quality time as a family. We enjoy spending time together, doing things together all because we removed the bad influences of this society from our home. Holly uses the internet for homework and e-mail only and we monitor her usage in order to protect her. Her grades have improved, she has joined more clubs at school and has made honors in orchestra. She has quit being a reclusive, monster of a teenager and is becoming a lovely young lady. And guess what? I have discovered just how awesome my wife is! All because of the time we have with each other! That is the biggest plus!

It boils down to what is really important to you. I can't stop what the world does, I can however, control the accessability that my family has to it. My family is far more important to me than anything that could be programed. It's too bad there aren't more families that feel the same way.

Sorry about getting on my soap box and I apologize if I offended anyone.
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