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Re: An Appointment with the Cable Guy?
"Hi this is Mark with North Texas Survey Group. Mind if I ask you a few questions?. 1. What type of house do you like in, brick,wood, etc 2. What color is your residence. 3. And the color of your trim? 4. What kind of cars stay parked in your drive way? 5. And last question, is this a single story or 2 story home? Thank you and have a great day."

If I drive to your house once, dont expect me to come back without ALOT of apologies on your part. I was there during timeframe, you werent. The door tag decription isnt going to change. I always call in route, and while onsite. While I am there I will survey the job. If its an easy one, Ill probably be coming back. If your house is jacked up, your gonna reschedule.

MSOs need to stop bending completely over. Inform the customer that with the price of fuel and scheduling demands its a must they be home during the time frame.

BTW, I was working a market that offered Sunday installs. You couldnt find  sub home sunday before noon. But they would still schedule a sunday am appointment. Afterwards my phone would be getting blown up from all the doortagged customers saying they were home now, and that its okay they were at church. And I need to come back. They didnt care I missed out on church waiting for them. But they werent going to miss church waiting on me.
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