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Re: How To Get Retainer Back
Funny That is the excuse for keeping pay 30 days out so they can cover jobs you do with your pay. The fact of the matter you should have a right to talk to the customer whom you are being charged for; have the right to go back and do the job correctly. But most of the companies have the same excuse everywhere. The customer doesn't want you back. This is used all the time which makes me suspicious of the charge in the 1st place. The point I'm getting at here is Techs that have the same problem should hire 1 attorney to handle it and split the fee. But, overall the way these companies run, according to the definition of what a independant contractor is (according to the courts). You do not classify as a contractor, but an employee. If you take these companies to a federal court they would loose. Thats why they keep your money down to prevent techs from doing that. They sign agreements knowing it isnt right for the tech and then you take the biggest loss. They do not count your time on the job, inventory loss, or you personally. Its all about their numbers. None of it is about you. Only you, can protect you! So if you want action you guys are going to have to team up and become brothers in the cause. If not, you loose they win! End of story!
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