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Re: How To Get Retainer Back
I have been in the same boat during my many years in cable. Most of the time the amount was much greater. My credo is and always was, Its may money!Don't let em screw one dime off of you. What I do is get the address and numbers to the managers and the owners and bug the hell out of them. If they blow you off, call more and more. Call every 15 minutes if you need to. they will cut your check it has always worked for me. You can also call the companies they are working for and let them know that they do not pay off there contractors.But calling and bugging the shit out of people is the best. On line you can pay a small fee and get there cell phone and home phone numbers as well. Dont give in, dont let em screw you. If you let the $1,000 go with out a fight you will find in a few years you will be a quitter like the other guy that let the reply about his left hand being empty. Dont forget, no one likes to be called at home, and no one likes to be called after 10Pm or at 5Am. Good hunting to you.
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