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Re: How To Get Retainer Back
 A year and one thousand dollars.. Hmmm.. Most contracts stipulate time frame and specific requirements to be met in order to receive retainage. Usually 30-90 days after all work performed has passed QC, invoiced and paid.. I have seen a million plus be dragged over a year but that was on a multi-million dollar upgrade of a 1400 mile system.. If you close your left hand and then close your eyes,,, then open them at the same time, what you see is what you are gonna get.. Or you can spend 1500 or so on lawyer and get a judgement.. Good luck with that one...Btw, the point of a company taking (as u put it) retainage is to recover some loss or to pay someone else to go finish/redo work done by people that have run out on a job that they were already paid to do correctly, while waiting to get paid themselves. 
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