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Re: comcast now into security
I am still trying to figure out how in the hell comcast is doing 911 phone and security monitoring when they have NO Battery Powered backup power supplies
here in south florida, 3 to 4 power failures a month here in the keys, all off for at least 2 hours per hit, so do they expect you to have a landline backup
or require you to have a cell phone to call for help in case of an emergency, I know for a fact when the power here goes out the headend on Sombereo Beach Road goes dark also, the only places that have backup power is Fishermans Hospital, MCSO & Monroe County Government EOC, the rest of Marathon is darker then Atlanta,Ga. on MLK's Birthday, but I get several calls a month trying to get me to change over to Comcast Business Class Service

And I shure in the hell know that there ain't enought techs here to man the power supplies here with a gas generators
There are only 2 techs here that cover from Key largo to Big Pine Key and 1 of them is always too drunk after 5pm to drive

You guys let me know if I am missing something, I haven't seen any new fangeled devices that turns fiber light into 90vac to run the nodes & amps
I know some crazy shi& has come out since I got out of the trade, but really..

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