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11/8/2010 11:22:52 AM
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Re: Cable subscribers flee, but is Internet to bla
Give the customer what they want, not what they think they should get, all thing would be better.

Give them good signal.
Good service and they will stay connected.

I haven't had any problem with my cable operator for 25 years, last week the signal went bad, after I call them for a service call, they call me 10 minutes before the tech. was on his way, they call me the day after to see if all was OK with the service call.
This is the reason why they get:
My cable service. ( 66 analog channels, do need this crapy digital signal) 
My IP phone. (Always work for over 3 1/2 years)
My Internet. ( 8 Mb download and 770 Kb upload)
My cell. ( basic, it ring I answer) don't need the rest of the crap.

I can call them for any problem and I have never waited more than 1 minute ever.
If all cable system where like that, I am sure life would be better for them.
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