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4/14/2010 10:05:07 PM
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Re: Where did the jobs go
I don't understand why Speedlasher thinks he is better than the rest of us when we all know that if you are in Cable TV as an employee or a contractor things are tough out there.  Face it, employees are being laid off and contractors are treated like dirt...unemployment is actually around 20 to 30 percent because the numbers only reflect the people filing for benefits.  Why fight or argue when we all know we should pull together during the hard times which is often in the Cable business.  Speedlasher get over yourself and listen to islandcable and the rest of us when we have all pulled lashers and climbed poles with gaffs instead of a ladder, we have all poured our hearts and souls into a business that does not give a flying fuck about us.  If you believe for one minute that you are better than the rest of us then you are living in a bad dream.  Wake up and realize you are not the only one in this business that has worked hard and cares about the quality of work we provide a corporation that treats us (you) like a number.  Every now and again there is that one company that is great to work for and then they change management or they are purchased by a bigger company and then we hate who we work for again and again and over and over.
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