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7/5/2009 9:49:04 PM
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Re: Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contracto
hey dude, I wouldn't totally rely on trucking to get your paycheck.  My dad has been a truck driver for about 30 years.  He's with one of the largest companies in the US (NOT JB HUNT) and used to bring home 1500k a week as a company driver.  Right now he's bringing home about 400 to 500 a week.  He also says his company gets over 3000 applications a month and is not hiring anyone right now.  Problem is everything is going rail.  Then hailed from the train to warehouse, short distances.  You make good money with the long hauls.  I hate seeing any cable dogs get hurt.  Maybe you know someone who is doing very well right now and can hook you up, but if your thinking you can make it after you pay for that schooling, I would think twice.
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