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4/30/2009 2:40:48 PM
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Re: Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contracto
Hey, I meant it with luv...

Bottom line.  Everyone (in their right mind) is getting fed up with getting screwed by the companies.  If you've had to move to another city (system) to get a new contract.  If you've had to develop new relationship with a new company not knowing whether you are working with a screwball company.  You get pretty jaded.

Many of the people I know in this business are first rate.  I posted the thread not because the companies will read it and change (I doubt that they will).  Posted it because if WE do NOT stand up for ourselves as a sort of wildcatters...we will fall.

Also, I AM a proud "out-house" contractor.  Remember, the term "yankee" was invented by the british during the Revolutionary War to put down the Colonists.  Of couse, we knew no better, we took their name and wore it proudly..the rest is history.

Of course..if an in-house rep calls someone on my crew an "out-houser"......there will be

Stay safe guys (and ladies)....
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