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Cable Tv has only one hope...Keeping Contractors
Hey cable you know, this is not the best on times for you.  Charter is bankrupt, Time-Warner with a $12 billion loss.  Comcast is doing okay..but should be very concerned.  Consumers are realizing they only need to get internet to also receive unlimited telephone and unlimited Tv services.  By the way, thanks to Prez Obama, soon they may not even need you for internet.
read this articile about the industry changes

Tons of complaints, tons of expenses. 

And then there is the CABLE WAR (or wars).   Around ten years ago, a pricing war erupted between the cable and satellite companies.  As the dust began to settle, suddenly the telephone companies joined in (against you) and started selling video services.

NOW>>Internet Tv companies are popping up everywhere..."so easy even a cable guy could do it." 

So, now your survival depends on...

1.   Keeping experienced in-house and out-house technicians & sales people from jumping ship.
2.   Correcting flawed payroll problems which cause your best people to flee (or starve).
3.   Consistently competitive pricing.
4.   Continue to upgrade your product.
5.   Ridding yourself of the "worthless" in-house parasites who run off the best contractors.

In short, treat your people well & they WILL (mostly) be loyal to you.  Continue to treat them with contempt & they will bury you.  YOUR CHOICE!!!!
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